Cultivating Community Leadership

The situation

As we emerge from the pandemic our Python communities around the world are facing challenging times. Many groups have shut down due to a lack of organizers and volunteers. In some cases, their previous leaders and volunteers have burned out from the stress of the pandemic or have had to move on due to other pressures. Their departure has left a void, a lack of guidance for new organizers and volunteers who might be interested in carrying on.

In other communities, meetups have actually done well online during the pandemic, and now they are wanting to start meeting in person agian and to start building larger communities, but they lack experience and guidance in how to move forward.

Both of the situations above can be stressful for everyone, and can stand in the way of our communities realizing their potential.

The need

In my view many of these communities need support, not necessarily in the form of financial aid (although that may be a need), but guidance as they develop governance and leadership for building sustainable communities.

Our communities and their leaders need cultivation. Cultivation doesn't make plants grow, but does help improve conditions so that they can grow better, faster, fuller, and that's what our communities need now.

My answer

I believe (hope, at least) that my 20 years of involvement in Python communities in various countries, and my experience in building and leading communities and events could be a useful resource for communities.

I would like to offer myself as an advisor and sounding board for community leaders and organizers as they wrestle with working out how to build their communities and organize their events. I'm not interested in imposing my answers, but I would be able to help frame the questions and provide perspective on the answers that community organizers might develop.

What can I help with?

I can help organizers wrestle with questions like:

  • How do we get more people involved?
  • How should we structure our group?
  • How do we keep our leaders from burning out?
  • How do we create a Code of Conduct? How do we enforce it once we have one?
  • What are some important issues to be aware of as we plan our events?

How do we get started?

The first step would be a call to figure how I might help. For this, please pick a time to talk on this calendly page

I look forward to talking with you about cultivating community!